Spiritual Care Workshop 2021; Rev. William Jarema, BA, MS, M.Div, MAS, NCC

by Avila Institute Staff

April 29, 2021

We as helpers need a steady diet of spiritual food so that we can continue to be generous distributors of God’s mercy. This workshop will explore your Moments of Mercy, your love language, how to create a menu to feed your soul and time for personal reflection. To continue to care for others requires that we take quality time to be nurtured and deepen our relationship with the Holy Trinity so that we can dwell in God’s tent.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the five basic love languages and understand how individuals develop their primary love language.
  • Identify his/her primary love language and recognize how it influences how an individual communicates with God.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a decision-making process for individual and community use based on spiritual discernment principles.
  • Explore fifteen spiritual gifts and determine which of those gifts are his/her strength.
Facilitator: Rev. William Jarema, BA, MS, M.Div, MAS, NCC
International Director, Mercy Center, Inc.

(Associate Professor of SociologySt. John’s University)

Father William Jarema is the Founder and Program Director of the Mercy Center for Healing the Whole Person, Colorado Springs, Colorado, with numerous satellite programs throughout the United States and three foreign mission projects in the West Indies. He is also the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Society of Missionaries of Mercy, a private association of the Christian faithful of clergy, laity, men and women, married and single. The Society of Missionaries of Mercy is a lay institute for the training of men and women as spiritual companions, spiritual directors, inner healing providers and inner healing specialists, and lay missionaries dedicated to a spirituality of mercy and the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. As a community, they are dedicated to the vow of conversion of life and the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

Father Bill has provided workshops, retreats, and clergy conferences nationwide. As a part of the Mercy Center team, he offers a residential pastoral care treatment program for men and women seeking healing and resolution to personal and professional growth issues, a 13-week sabbatical program, and a summer 4-week Spiritual Directors training/renewal program in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Father Bill is a national consultant and educator for profit and nonprofit corporations and a National Certified Counselor, Spiritual Director, Workshop and Retreat Director. Father Bill specializes in whole person healing, typology and team building, corporate development management and assessment, marriage, family and organizational additions/dysfunction, and an eclectic approach to healing, wholeness and well-being.

Continuing Education

Catholic Chaplains

Catholic Chaplains This educational program has been submitted to the National Association of Catholic chaplains for approval to award Continuing Education Hours. Please contact us at support@avilainstitute.org for the status.


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