Proactive Behavior Management Program

Our Proactive Behavior Management Program works to prevent behavior disturbances and identify appropriate interventions.

Dementia Care Challenges

Proactive Behavior Management

Proactive behavior management is designed to help care staff understand the shifting needs of residents, especially those experiencing memory and cognitive decline. Through this understanding the goal is for care staff to anticipate behavioral issues as they appear and proactively introduce changes to prevent or minimize resident and care staff stress. Being proactive can reduce resident falls, psychotropic medication use, and rehospitalizations while increasing staff confidence, job satisfaction and resiliency.

Benefits for Everyone

Research shows that most employees assisting elders want to “do well by doing good”. They are happiest when they provide and are recognized for above average senior care. This program builds care staff confidence through education and builds promotes positive self-image through application of that education. With practice of this proactive behavior management program your facility should experience: 

  • Residents will gain improved relationships with care staff thereby experiencing less stress, improving communication and understanding and higher quality of life.
  • Caregivers will experience better understanding of individual resident needs and abilities resulting in less stress, higher resiliency and less burnout.
  • Administrators will experience fewer audit citations, rehospitalizations, lower polypharmacy, drug interaction and psychotropic meds use and higher staff retention. 
  • Families will observe higher quality of life for their loved one resulting in more facility recognition and less negative feelings or feelings of guilt for their loved ones placement.
Benefits Dementia Care Training

Our Behavior Management Program


We at the Avila Institute of Gerontology believe that people in all stages of life deserve to be cared for in their entirety- Spirit, Soul, and Body. With this philosophy, our expert staff who bring years of academic expertise and compassionate hands-on care to the table look forward to bringing our Proactive Behavior Management Program to your facility. Invest in your employees and the residents in your home will in turn, experience greater satisfaction in their lives.

Dementia Care Philosophy
Dementia Care Training Teamwork

Staff Training

We teach resident empathy. Empathy requires  to how to identify challenging behaviors and their triggers, as well as strategies for intervention and resolution. Faculty use a teamwork approach as review residents and train staff how to track and evaluate the appropriateness of the interventions. Caregivers are encouraged to think out of the box and are given tools to expand their knowledge on how to handle challenging behaviors.

Continued Support

After the program, facilities are encouraged to continue staff training on their own, and we are available for future questions about specific situations that may arise.

Dementia Care Training Continued Support

Behavior Management Curriculum

Our program curriculum can be customized to fit your needs and include the following.

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Dementia Basics

An overview of dementia and its effect on the brain provides important clues to the causes of problem behaviors.

Behavior Concepts

The ABC model of behavior (antecedent, behavior, consequence) is discussed as a tool to analyze behaviors and develop solutions.

Leadership Training for Team Building and Management

Behavior management requires a full team approach in order to be successful. Team structure and dynamics are modeled.

Resident Observations

Close observations of residents allow for greater understanding of behaviors. We observe some of your residents with problem behaviors to model the process and to use as examples.

Tracking Behaviors

We have developed a tracking tool for staff to use for residents with problem behaviors. It is designed to be used over a period of time, by multiple staff, and through all shifts.

Behavior Observations and Support

We use our observations to take staff through a team meeting where they go through the process of discussing specific residents’ behaviors with possible causes and person-centered solutions.

Our Proactive Behavior Management Program Includes:

  • Pre-Survey
  • On-site or virtual training and consultation
  • On-site or virtual family workshop (optional)
  • Available for future support

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