Family Education and Resources

Resources for families who need support with their loved one’s aging issues especially dementia. 

Informational Flyers

These flyers were written to help families understand the challenges their family member may be experiencing in a long-term care facility. The information is supportive and gives ideas to help with challenges, such as creating a meaningful visit and how  to best cope with dementia of your loved one. Flyers are PDFs and can be downloaded and printed.

Family Caregiver Education Resource flyers
Palliative Care Website

For the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, palliative care looks at the whole person and the variety of ways they might be suffering as they enter a long-term care facility.

This website is a resource for families and caregivers and features the 2017 Emmy Nominated video about Carmelite Palliative Care.

Video Series: Geriatric Care Topics for Caregivers

Recorded for long-term care direct care staff, these videos are also available to all caregivers wanting to learn more about caring for the elderly and the challenges that arise.

Videos are, on average, 25 minutes in length and can be rented or purchased.

Geriatric Care Topics for Caregivers
Ink Well and Quill

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