Our person-centered programs support staff and provide quality care.

Our program, recognized by CMS, is great for training direct care staff on dementia. Now being offered virtually.

Take working with resident with dementia to the next level with this program. We will help you avoid challenging behaviors before they happen!

We offer an implementation guide and program to help you start and keep a palliative care program going within your facility.

For personal education or for staff, the Geriatric Spiritual Care program is for anyone seeking to enhance their role in pastoral care.  

Formation Programs

This Leadership program is applicable to staff employed at homes served, sponsored, or co-sponsored by the Carmelite Sisters. Education is focused on the mission of the Sisters, Catholic healthcare, and topics in leadership formation.

The CARE Program is a comprehensive professional development and training program that provides valuable education and instruction to employees of homes served, sponsored, and co-sponsored by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm on the concepts, skills and strategies necessary for professionals to possess to ensure the delivery of quality care.

The Path to Leadership: A Program to Enhance Mission for Leadership is a comprehensive educational program designed for future leaders in Catholic Health Care especially for those homes served, sponsored, or co-sponsored by the Carmelite Sisters . Participation in the program will foster an understanding of the Mission and Values of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, as well as establish the pathways necessary to incorporate the mission into current or future leadership roles .

Need help with a specific topic or challenge? We can customize a training based on your staff's needs. Now being offered virtually.

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