Sr. M. Peter Lillian Di Maria, O.Carm., Director

Sr. M. Peter Lillian Di Maria, O.Carm., BA, LNHA 


Sr. M. Peter Lillian has over thirty-five years' experience in the continuum care ministry as a Carmelite Sister for the Aged and Infirm. Sr. Peter Lillian has served her community in many administrative positions and has lectured many times on Alzheimer's disease, palliative care, geriatric spiritual care, family care issues, stress reduction, leadership development, and team building. Sr. Peter has developed successful dementia-care programs, dementia care curriculums and assisted in developing a palliative care resource manual that is specific for geriatric care. Over the past fifteen years, Sr. Peter and the Avila Institute of Gerontology have worked with many Congregations concerning aging issues, as well as, providing congregational management and education services. She has a BA in Secondary Education and currently holds three state licenses as a Nursing Home Administrator.

Sr. Therese Mary Bukowski, O.Carm.

Sr. Therese Mary Bukowski, O.Carm., LNHA
Advisor and Accountant Assistant

Sr. Therese is a board-certified administrator in long-term care. She has more than 40 years of experience caring for the elderly in the Long-term Care setting. Her expertise and sharp eye is a valuable contribution when assisting site visits and reviewing data.

Shane Cooney, Head of Education

Shane Cooney, BA
Head of Education

Shane is responsible for developing educational content and programs for AIG. His main project is the CARE (Compassion, Advocacy, Recognition, Excellence) Program, which is designed to provide leadership skills education and professional development to staff working in Carmelite homes.

Alfred Norwood, MBA, BS

Alfred is an expert in physiological psychology who has worked with the Avila Institute for the last 15 years, developing and presenting workshops and in-services on a number of topics associated with aging. He has years of experience working as a consultant for long-term care systems and facilities and trained staff in the use of non-pharmaceutical, individualized care plans for residents with moderate to severe dementia.

Michelle Rogers, Faculty

Michelle Rogers
Faculty and Coordinator of Educational Services

Michelle’s vast experience in education as a teacher, professional development provider, instructional coach, and board member to Greene County’s special education preschool and Head Start enables her to fulfill her role at Avila, which focuses on revising, editing, and developing curriculum and training materials.

Clare Horn

Clare Horn

Clare is a licensed social worker who has worked with the elderly for over 25 years, serving as a director of social work in various nursing home and rehabilitation centers. She provides consultation and education on various topics in aging to residents, families, and staff.

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