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Webinar Re-Cap – Interacting with Religious Members with Memory Impairment

by Avila Institute Staff

February 20, 2015

On February 17th, the Avila Institute and the NRRO co-sponsored another successful webinar titled “Interacting with Religious Members with Memory Impairment.” The webinar presenter, Alfred Norwood, is a behavior specialist who uses applied behavior analysis combined with current neuropsychology to resolve behaviors in community and institutional based seniors with cognitive and memory deficits.

Mr. Norwood gave an in-depth, understandable explanation of how the brain develops and functions in relation to understanding dementia behaviors. The webinar was very well received by the viewers through the feedback on the webinar evaluations. We received several comments on how the information given is extremely important and useful. For those that missed the webinar or would like to view it again, click here to view the on-demand version of the webinar

The Avila Institute is very excited to share that this webinar was viewed by a record 752 people across the United States. The Avila Institute partners with the National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO) to provide webinars on long-term care and aging topics that are relevant to our aging religious communities. We offer four webinars a year; the next webinar is scheduled for May 19, 2015 at 1:00 PM ET. More information will be posted soon, so please check our website or sign-up to receive our email newsletter and announcements.

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