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Person-centered Care

  • In-Service Kit:

    In-Service Kit: "Compassionate Listening Skills"

    This ready-to-teach in-service package includes all the pieces needed to teach a 25-minute in-service.

    In-Service Topic "Compassionate Listening Skills"
    This in-service focuses on an important aspect of person-centered care that is mandated for every nursing home by new CMS regulations: listening. Listening is the basis of all communication, and good listening skills can enhance job and life satisfaction, increase productivity, and strengthen relationships among care staff members, as well as between caregivers and residents. This in-service teaches the following topics:

    • The three types of listening: empathetic, critical, and appreciative
    • Common barriers to good listening and strategies to overcome them
    • How to develop habits of good listening
    • What is non-verbal communication?
    • How to practice good non-verbal communication through eyes, mouth, facial expression, gestures, posture, and personal space

    This in-service is a downloadable zip file and includes:

    • Access to watch recorded video (internet access required)
    • Presentation slides and script (Microsoft PowerPoint File)
    • Presentation handout as slides and notes (PDF)
    • 4-page summary of presentation (PDF)
    • 4 tests with 5 questions each and answer key (PDF)
    • Follow-up (PDF)
    • Certificate Template (Fillable PDF)