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In-Service Kits

  • In-Service Kit:

    In-Service Kit: "Pastoral Visiting for Caregivers"

    This ready-to-teach in-service package includes all the pieces needed to teach a 25-minute in-service.

    In-Service Topic "Pastoral Visiting for Caregivers"
    Pastoral visiting involves skills usually taught only to social workers or those involved in spiritual guidance; however, there is something for all caregivers to learn in this in-service. Loneliness is a major contributor to depression, leading to behaviors and reduced quality of life. Compassionate caregivers who have been trained to listen and respond well will greatly enhance resident quality of life and alleviate depression. Caregivers will learn the following topics:

    • An exercise in empathy to teach caregivers about emotional pain and loneliness
    • What pastoral visiting is, and the difference between pastoral visiting and a social visit
    • How any caregiver can bring aspects of pastoral visiting into their work
    • How to make an effective pastoral visit to help the resident achieve peace
    • What to say in difficult or uncomfortable situations

    This in-service is a downloadable zip file and includes:

    • Access to watch recorded video (internet access required)
    • Presentation slides and script (Microsoft PowerPoint File)
    • Presentation handout as slides and notes (PDF)
    • 4-page summary of presentation (PDF)
    • 4 tests with 5 questions each and answer key (PDF)
    • Follow-up (PDF)
    • Certificate (Fillable PDF)