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  • In-Service Kit

    In-Service Kit: "Ageism: Breaking the Stereotypes of Age"

    This ready-to-teach in-service package includes all the pieces needed to teach a 25-minute in-service.

    In-Service Topic "Ageism: Breaking the Stereotypes of Age"
    Ageism means stereotyping other generations based on their age. Ageism divides people of all ages and causes them to look down on others as if they have less value because of their age. Ultimately, moving past ageism begins by awareness. For healthcare workers, this awareness will be vital for providing excellent care to elderly residents. Every generation has something to offer to the world- experience, energy, resilience, and potential, to name a few qualities. There is a common view that “old age is a disease; however, this in-service presents a truer and healthier view. Participants learn:

    • How ageism manifests and its negative effects on its society for both young and old people
    • Exercises to put yourself in others’ shoes and examine your personal views on aging
    • An historical look at events that helped shape each generation in order to achieve greater understanding of people of other ages
    • Research contradicting popular negative stereotypes of old age
    • Research-backed reasons to look forward to old age

    This in-service is a downloadable zip file and includes:

    • Access to watch recorded video (internet access required)
    • Presentation slides and script (Microsoft PowerPoint File)
    • Presentation handout as slides and notes (PDF)
    • 4-page summary of presentation (PDF)
    • 4 tests with 5 questions each and answer key (PDF)
    • Follow-up (PDF)
    • Certificate Template (Fillable PDF)