Compassion, Comfort, and Compliance in Long-Term Care

January – May 2016

St. Teresa’s Motherhouse
600 Woods Rd.
Germantown, NY 12526

October 8, 2018 — Palliative Care
Providing palliative care in all aspects of a person’s serious illness is critical for compassionate care to be rendered. Speakers will address the many concerns caregivers may encounter when accompanying persons who are faced with debilitating illnesses.

October 9, 2018 — Compliance
Preparing for the survey process just got easier! Our speakers will take us through current regulatory requirements, challenges, deficiency situation management and fraud prevention. Further topics include advocacy priorities to strengthen aging services as well as financial policy changes and readiness strategies.
*Topics and Speakers are subject to change.


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ATTENDANCE: All participants must complete a Record of Attendance, a signed attestation verifying the session(s) they have attended in full, and may be required to fill out an evaluation form.

No partial credit is to be given if any time is missed during an individual session presented at this conference. Extenuating circumstances may be considered by discussing the reasoning behind missing the time and determining if credits can be offered an alternative way.



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