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Martha Abercrombie Illuminates Importance of Staff Onboarding Experience in NRRO Webinar

Posted by Stacey Sumereau | Wednesday, September 13, 2017

​Dave Ramsey wrote, “Turnover happens before the hire! Our goal is to find out if someone is not a good fit before we hire them.” The Avila Institute continued its collaboration with the National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO) in an August 22 webinar geared toward helping nursing homes retain staff right from the beginning of the hiring process. Martha Abercrombie, the guest speaker, has 18 years of Human Resources experience and now works with a company called Vikus Corporation as their Vice President of Strategy. Vikus is a software company that provides hiring solutions to senior care facilities. She has been immersed in the “why” of the current staff retention crisis for some time and had many valuable insights for the webinar viewers to take home.

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New Streaming Capabilities for Webinars, Virtual Classrooms and more…

Posted by Erin Pietrak | Friday, September 23, 2016

​Excitement is building at the Avila Institute office as we prepare to launch new streaming capabilities that will provide multiple benefits for us and for the homes we serve. Sr. Peter Lillian, Director of AIG, said she is looking forward to reaching more people, and offering more programs. She says, “We will still be able to individualize the education we provide according to the home’s needs but we will be able to provide programs to multiple homes in one day!”

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