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New Website Helps to Promote Carmelite Palliative Care

Posted by Erin Pietrak | Monday, June 26, 2017

In June 2017, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, aided by the Avila Institute of Gerontology, launched a new website dedicated to palliative care. The Carmelite Sisters’ philosophy has always taught the concept of palliative care and it is the Sisters’ goal that the new website,,  help residents, families and caregivers understand palliative care and its importance in providing  holistic, person-centered care.

The new website features a 13-minute video about palliative care, that shares stories from residents, their families and caregivers from St. Patrick’s Manor in Framingham, MA, a home  served by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm.The website also has a collection of video testimonials specific to the different residents, their families and a caregiver discussing their experiences with palliative care. 

Palliative care has been part of the Carmelite Sisters’ philosophy since the community began in 1929, and the Sisters decided to launch a Palliative Care Pilot Program in 2012 to begin formalizing the many aspects of palliative care. During this pilot program (you can read the report here), AIG was able to formalize a training program and design an implementation guide to help long-term care facilities implement a successful palliative care program.  It was because of this program  that the Carmelite Sisters were inspired to create a video and website to showcase how residents and families are holistically ministered to through palliative care.

Director of AIG, Sr. Peter Lillian Di Maria oversaw the process of developing the video and website. She says, “I’m so happy to provide this resource to so many, especially those with life-altering diseases. Palliative care helps everyone live each day to the fullest.”

In fact, all  AIG staff members involved have been proud to be part of this initiative. AIG staff helped to customize and develop the training (based on the ELNEC training program) and an implementation manual specific to long-term care. AIG staff helped with the production of the video and the design of the logo and website. The Avila Institute will continue to manage the website with new content and resources.

To learn more about the Palliative Care Program, visit the new website, for more information, to watch the new videos and to learn about palliative care training.