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Marilyn Steffel, Staff Development Coordinator at St. Patrick’s Residence in Naperville, IL, has found that AIG’s in-service materials work well for educating staff in novel ways. The In-Service Library Program features unlimited access to 20+ in-services with more being added. The in-services are typically used to help fulfill CEUs for staff; however, Marilyn has found that creative uses of the materials help staff retain the knowledge they gain.

Marilyn set up an “Education Station” outside the employee break room that she reports has been “a hit with the staff.” The station’s central location provides maximum visibility for information, including the home’s newsletter. Most of the board, however, is taken up by AIG’s in-service materials. Marilyn posts two four-page summaries of both in-services featured each month, which makes it easier for staff to reference the material and integrate it into their practices.

CNAs have the opportunity to gain education credits for each quiz they take and pass based on the in-service material displayed at the Education Station. This is a way of ensuring that they continue to move forward in their personal development while fulfilling state requirements.

The Avila Institute has sought to provide many possible options for presenting in-service material to fit the individual needs of each home. Each in-service features an introduction to the following six pieces: a PowerPoint presentation, slide handouts from the PowerPoint, a summary, a recording of the presentation accessible from any Internet-connected device, follow-up questions for development directors, and a handout with video access directions for anyone who views an in-service on his or her own device. Each in-service is cross-checked by experienced professionals and written with the aim of person-centered care, saving staff development directors, like Marilyn, hundreds of hours of work in generating their own educational material.

Besides utilizing the in-services, Marilyn also makes use of the featured articles that come with the subscription by posting them on the education board. These articles are written by dementia and geriatric care experts, and can be used either in conjunction with in-services or as stand-alone educational pieces. Marilyn posted articles on “Managing Behavior” and “Myths of Aging” last month in conjunction with the in-services “Managing Behavior” and “Understanding Stress.”

For creative thinkers like Marilyn, there are many uses for the AIG in-services. We are looking to feature more stories of homes that are utilizing AIG’s in-services, so please contact with stories.

To learn more about AIG’s In-Service Library, click here.