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Avila Institute Continues to Offer In-Service Subscription Program

Posted by Erin Pietrak | Monday, May 15, 2017

In September 2015, the Avila Institute of Gerontology launched a Membership Program offering monthly in-services for long-term care as a yearly subscription. The Membership Program also offered articles, a community forum, and discounts for all AIG educational events. Recently we have renamed the program to the “ In-service Subscription Program” and will continue to offer the program with new in-services and live streaming.

We encourage everyone to explore outsourcing education for staff training. There are many different programs to consider; some cover mandatories, while others cover specific topics such as dementia, palliative care, etc. Our in-service program provides concepts that are a part of our Catholic tradition providing forward-reaching, person-centered care that goes beyond mandatories. As we travel and serve the many facilities and religious communities, Director Sr. Peter and faculty member Alfred Norwood take notice of the current challenges and develop in-services to fulfill these needs. You can read a recent research article written by Alf about how staff retention and education affects the long-term care performance.

In-Services in the Library

Currently we have over 15 in-services in the subscription library. These in-services are ready-to-use with all the pieces you need to conduct in-services. What makes our program unique is that we offer the in-service pre-recorded. You can easily show your staff the video and have time for a test or a question and answer session. We also include the PowerPoint presentation file, if you want to teach the in-service yourself. Additional pieces include tests, follow-up and a written summary that can be printed and given to staff to read on their own time.

Live In-Services

Starting in the fall of 2017, we will be offering six live in-services to our In-service Library Subscribers, where staff can watch and interact with AIG faculty. This will be a great opportunity for both AIG and viewers to interact on long-term care topics that are vital to staff and caregivers. There will be two in-services scheduled on each day, each with their own time slot. Viewers will have the opportunity to watch AIG faculty as they teach and view the slides live onscreen. There will be time for questions and answers after the in-service as well. All live in-services will be recorded and uploaded to the video section of the in-service library for later use.

If you are interested in our In-Service Subscription Library and would like to try one for FREE, click here to learn more. We also offer a walk-through to show how to access the website, retrieve files and how best to use them. Please contact us for an AIG staff member to contact you.



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