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Staff Training Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

We know that providing education to caregivers and staff can be a difficult process. There can be many challenges to implementing successful in-services and programs such as time limitations, staff turnover and multiple job responsibilities for in-service trainers and educators.

We recognized the need for quality in-services that are relevant to the needs of staff who serve in long-term care care facilities and care centers. Our training in-services go beyond the basics and explore topics such as aging issues, depression, dementia, palliative care, leadership, teamwork, and more.

Everything You Need for a Successful In-Service

Each 25-minute in-service contains the components that staff educators need to hold a successful in-service. We provide full support and complimentary walk throughs of how to access and use the in-service files.

You can decide to present the presentation yourself with the provided Powerpoint file with script or show staff the recorded video.

Each in-service kit includes the following:
  • Recorded video
  • PowerPoint file with script
  • Slide handouts for notes
  • Summary handout
  • Tests and answer keys
  • Suggested follow-up
Video Devices

New Content for 2019

  • Six NEW in-service kits that will be published bi-monthly starting in January.
  • Four hours of additional Dementia Care Training to help you provide ongoing dementia education.
  • Two hours of live recorded in-service presentations on topics of palliative care, elder abuse, person-centered care, and more. Speakers and topics to be determined.

20+ Topics in Long-term Care.

  • Managing Depression
  • Managing Mood and Behavior with Music
  • Managing Behavior
  • Understanding Stress
  • Understanding Aging
  • The New Resident with Dementia
  • The Brain and Dementia
  • Managing Agression
  • Using Resident Profiles for
    Person-centered Care
  • Understanding Palliative Care and
    the Five Domains of Pain
  • ADL Strategies for Challenging
  • Treating Depression by Activating
    Positive Behavior
  • Understanding Incontinence Behaviors
  • Compassionate Listening Skills
  • Behaviors: Biting, Spitting, and Catastrophic Reaction
  • Lewy body Dementia
  • Reducing On-the-Job Stress
  • Understanding Family Dynamics for Caregivers
  • Pastoral Visiting
  • Our Aging Appetite

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