Complimentary Webinar Recordings

Below is a collection of complimentary webinar recordings from both AIG and the National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO) cosponsored events.

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The Spiritual Journey of Caregiving: Finding Compassion for Ourselves and Others (February 2020)
Beads, Bells and Blessings: Understanding why the Mass and Other Catholic Practices are Essential (November 2019)
Dementia and Well-Being (August 2019)
What Does Canon and Civil Law Have to Say About Health Issues? (May 2019)

How to Provide for the Social and Emotional Needs of those Living with Dementia (February 2019)
Governmental Programs for Healthcare and Related Benefits (Nov 2018)

Make Good Hearing a Habit (August 2018)
Maximizing Strength and Balance at Any Age (May 2018)

Palliative Care: What It Is and How It Embodies Church Teaching (February 2018)
Medication Safety for Older Adults: Communication is the Key (November 2017)

Act Now to Impact Tomorrow: Investing in Your Workforce (August 2017)
Forgiveness: Essential to the Healing Process (May 2017)

The Future Shift of Dementia Research (Feb 2017)
Living at Home – Thriving at Home (Nov 2016)

Understanding Compulsive Hoarding (Aug 2016)
Body, Mind and Soul: Creating Activity Programming for the Whole Person (May 2016)

Becoming a Dementia Detective (Feb 2016)
Caring for and Understanding Members in the Dying Process (Aug 2015)

Get in the Habit of Living Well with Hearing Loss (May 2015)
Interacting with Religious Members with Memory Impairment (Feb 2015)

Preparing for Close Encounters of the Healthcare Kind (Nov 2014)
Intimacy, Loneliness and Solitude (May 2014)

Establishing an Emergency Operations Plan (Feb 2014)
Engaging Aging: BLESSING OR BURDEN? (Nov 2013)

Understanding Dementia and the Approaches that Work (Aug 2013)
Seeds for Contemplation: Giving Yourself a Holy Aging (May 2013)

Care for the Caregiver (Feb 2013)
Spirituality for Elder Religious (May 2012)